The best thing, hands down, about being a photographer is being in the middle of it all, telling a story.  Every wedding day is different, because the story waiting to be told is about your family and your love.  Every family session is different because they are uncontrolled and mostly unstructured. Sometimes we make forts and pancakes, some days we play at the park, but we rarely ever sit still and smile at the camera!  Who has time for that when we are busy having fun?

I would love to meet you and your family or business. Send me an email or drop me a text.  I even answer the phone when it rings!

Hey!  I live in Edmonton, Alberta and I have an awesome husband and super cool kid, plus three cats in a 670sqft old-lady house.  I have been interested in photography since my mum gave me an all manual, film Minolta camera from the 1970's.  Starting out in the dark room developing rolls of film from scratch, I eventually learned digital photography because my professor told me I  had to in order to pass photography 101.  My Fine Art educational background lends a creative and quirky edge to my images- often inspiring me to climb ladders, lay on the ground in the mud, and coerce fun-loving clients to do crazy things in the name of art. 

I have been shooting professionally for over ten years, and in that time I have developed a strong sense of creativity, professionalism and communication in a style unlike anyone else.  I love traveling for work above all else- photography adventures have taken me to remote corners of the Northwest Territories with Paradigm Esteem, and all the way to Jamaica for a gorgeous destination wedding.  I have been to Palm Springs, Vegas, and many small towns in rural Alberta chasing new photographic adventures in the name of love and great light. 

Here are some funny photographs that give you an idea of who I am!